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About Bulgarienview DK
Bulgarienview DK was established in 2005 in Denmark, aiming at selling newly- built holiday apartments on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast mainly to Danish citizens.

In 2007 the company moved its headquarters to Bulgaria. Today we have devoted ourselves exclusively, to resale of holiday homes on the Black Sea, for sellers from Scandinavia, England and Ireland.

About Robert Møller
I have a financial background from the banking sector, and have for 31 years, worked professionally with sale, purchase and counseling of property-operations.

In addition to the eal estate agent, I am a state-authorized real- estate agent, and have also authorized to compleyr evaluations and property assessments

Confidence and trust throughout the process of sale
To sell your property is a big, important decision, which we mighr only take a few times in life. Most people will probably be nervous and insecure on processing a sale, especially when it comes to a foreign country, furhermore Bulgaria.

Please, feel free to refer to the section, where clients of ours have shared their experience on selling their properties with us.
Blog for home owners in Bulgaria
The blog for owners of properties in Bulgaria, allows you to follow how the market develops.

In our blog you will find some travel tips, as well as interesting information, which may be of use should you own an apartment in Bulgaria.

Check the blog out here

Welcome to Bulgariaview DK
Robert Møller

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